10 Basic Structure Rules For Writing A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Completing a rhetorical analysis is simple once these basic structural rules are followed:

  • Thoroughly read the text your paper is based on
  • Your ability to analyze is highly dependent on you understanding of the book, speech or other text. This comes from reading it with your paper in mind and writing notes throughout the process.

  • Compile supplementary documents that my help
  • The reasons that a writer has chosen to use certain techniques are based on many things some of which you may need additional research to discover. Put together the supplementary documents that will help you understand this.

  • Read a few related essays
  • If you can, search for other analysis papers that have the same subject. The writers may have uncovered connections that you can also explore. Just make sure that you do not inadvertently plagiarize those writers.

  • Focus your introduction well
  • This is a major part of the formatting process. Let the reader know early on which direction you intend to take.

  • Create transitions in the body of the paper
  • The words you choose can explain more if you use them strategically. Contrast can be examined with words such as “however’ so that the reader quickly sees the difference you are pointing at.

  • Keep your conclusion short
  • If your conclusion carries on for more than two or three sentences, chances are it contains something that should have been put into the body.

  • Practice your analytic skills
  • This type of writing is harder for people who are unaccustomed to this type of thinking. Get used to analyzing situations in your life and you will have a better time using the skill on a text.

  • Ask for a second opinion on your work
  • You will most likely have a positive bias toward your work. Ask others to point out its flaws for you and correct them to suit.

  • Consider syntax and diction carefully
  • Just as you use your words to certain effect, the writer did the same. Think of why one word was chosen over another similar one.

  • Get assistance if necessary
  • This may be difficult for some. Admitting that one is incapable of completing a task can create feelings of inferiority. Help comes in many types though. You may hire someone to merely proofread and edit your work or you may need a tutor to hold your hand throughout the process.

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