Looking for an Expert Who Can Write an Essay for You

Who do you go to if you have an essay assignment and you neither have the time nor the inclination to write one yourself? There are various avenues you can explore, some of them closer at home. When it comes to expert help, it really depends on your definition of the word “expert.” Is an elementary school teacher an expert? Is your dad one? Is a senior student at school an expert?

Your understanding of that word and your expectations from one are going to be the deciding factor. People who have recent experience of essay writing can be good guides.

Getting an essay written by someone requires you to trust this person. This is not easy. What if you do not like the essay after you read it?

It narrows down the game, does it not?

A few suggestions:

  1. Your teacher: They will most definitely NOT write the essay for you, but hey, maybe they will give you enough guidance and infuse you with such enthusiasm that you will want to write the essay yourself!
  2. A friend or classmate: Getting a friend to do your work will need the right kind of convincing AND some great incentives. You might swap work with someone who needs help with another course.
  3. Online Help: Now we are talking. This is usually an affordable and convenient option if you know which agency to go for. Ask around for a good one. Your classmates may be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you may want to read reviews by actual users. The Internet being a marketplace the vendors pay for many reviews you will find. Join an online forum if in doubt. You will find some good leads there. Before paying an agency asks about revisions, deadlines etc. It is important that you get the assignment well before submission so that you have time for revisions if required. Be certain to ask about all the marketing terms you found attractive e.g. Customized, Personalized etcetera
  4. Freelance Writers: A little off the wall; but if you can find yourself a good and honest freelancer, use them. You may be able to get an original essay. The ones by a good agency will be equally good. However, there are those Internet based agencies, which keep producing rehash of previous work.

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