A Guide to Selecting Relevant Sports Essay Topics

When choosing to write a sports essay, remember that you must be very resonant to your audience. Most sports writing is done in real time, so anything you write must reflect the current state of affairs instead of diving into history. Failing to learn from these mistakes can cause you to fail your essay. So pay attention to current trends to find a topic that is worthy of writing about. With that said, here are some great, highly relevant sports essays topics you can select from.

  1. What athletes are cross competitive? For example, if you put a football player in a basketball game, and taught him all the rules, how well we he stack up against the basketball player or vice versa? From these scenarios, deduce what athletes are all around the best.

  2. Of recent sports strategies, try to find one that is dominant. A dominant strategy is dominant if it beats the majority of other strategies teams are using for that sport. How much more dominant a strategies does a strategy need to be to overcome stronger innate athleticism?

  3. Some teams did some very unorthodox drafts the last couple of seasons. If a team sacrifices short term goals by say, picking up an injured player with the expectation of using them when they get better, what kind of trade offs, are involved? Do these long term gambles tend to pay off on average, or are these teams just trying to get attention?

  4. We have all heard of sports heroes like Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth, but not so much as of late. Why is this? What happened to the decline of the household name, of the true sports inspiration? What can we do to reclaim this magic? There really is not one sports legend right now that is inspiring people in all walks of life, and why does this happen?

  5. What are the social and cultural effects of the Olympics? What countries do well, and why is that? Discuss various outcomes and possibilities, and talk about how this impact changes depending on the status and circumstance of the country hat is hosting it.

  6. We talk about sports but very few people take the time to talk about sports ethics. There have been many scandals in the past decade, and the major sports organizations just sweep this under the rug. Is this harming the image and integrity of sports as a whole, or is this no big deal? You should probably find major examples and show the harm, if any, that is done to that sport.

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