How to Write a Proper Essay: Becoming An Expert

Writing a proper essay is a bit of a formula. You go step by step, much like you do in Algebra. Some steps need a foundation, so they must be completed in chronological order.

As with anything you do, practice will make you a better writer, and additionally the process of writing a proper essay will get easier with repetition.

Use the following guide each time you write a paper or an essay. Before you know it, you will be a pro at the process.

Getting Ready

    Cover the following bases before you even start the essay:

  • Get the teacher instructions
  • Mark the due date on the calendar
  • If you have to pick a topic, set about making a list of possibilities
  • Find out if the paper will be turned in via hard copy or by a drop box/share

Getting Down to Business

    Now sit down at your desk and accomplish the following tasks:

  • Settle on a topic
  • Make sure the teacher approves the topic
  • Compose your thesis statement
  • Begin a rough outline
  • Research your topic as you build the outline
  • Look for quotes, data, case studies, surveys, and stories about your topic

Teacher Time

At this point, the teacher should have approved the topic and thesis statement. You should have gotten her instructions on how many sources you need and how long the paper should be. Also ask the instructor how many in-text citations you will need. Lastly show your teacher your rough outline.

Green Light

Once you have all the details, teacher approvals, and necessary research, you can begin to write your rough draft. The odds are very great that you will have to submit your rough draft to your teacher. Once you do that, you wait to move to the final draft. She should return the rough draft to you with comments and suggestions.

Final Draft

Once your rough draft is approved, you may begin the final draft. Pay careful attention to all the notes your teacher made. The final draft (with in-text citations) and Works Cited (or bibliography) will need to be turned in by the paper due date. The teacher may also ask for hard copies of your sources, your outline, and an electronic upload of the paper.

Using this step-by-step guide will help you to become an expert at essay writing. If you struggle, consider using a tutor or professional writing company to help you become and expert at essay writing.

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