Tips To Help You Write An Effective Conclusion To Your Essay

Most academic papers will require a conclusion at the end of what you have written. Of course, when it comes to a dissertation or other more in-depth papers, you may find that you have other sections to include after the conclusion, such as a bibliography; however, these sections will generally have less influence over what you have written. Essentially, a bibliography, as with any other sections that you will generally include after the conclusion, is used for more administrative purposes, rather than including academic content.

It is worth noting that, whilst the conclusion may be the final section that you include in your paper, the sections that precede it will not always be the same. For example, a simple paper may simply include an introduction and the body section. On the other hand, a more in-depth paper may include these sections, along with a methodology section, and analysis section, a results section, or a wide range of other sections.

Nevertheless, what you write in your conclusion section should always refer to anything that you have already stated earlier on in your paper. For example, if you are writing a simple five paragraph paper, in which you use the middle three paragraphs for any arguments or points that you wish to make, then your conclusion should refer to these three paragraphs, as well as potentially any important details that you might have included in the introduction.

In fact, the aim of the conclusion is to try and bring the rest of the work together into a neat finale and, therefore, the conclusion is not the section where you should bring up anything new. Of course, if you do think of any new points that you wish to make whilst writing your conclusion then you can was go back and rewrite earlier sections of your work.

Checking the relevancy of what you have written

It is always important to check over your essay as a whole, once you have finished the conclusion, to ensure that it is as relevant as possible to what you have written. Ultimately, it is easy to discover that your conclusion is no longer as relevant as it should be to the rest of the work and, therefore, you might need to make some necessary changes.

In fact, as well as checking how relevant it is, you should also check the quality of your spelling and grammar, so as to ensure the high quality of your work.

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