How To Brainstorm Essay Ideas: Great Suggestions

When you need to brainstorm essay ideas you can do the following:

When you start writing, you should find a writing space and a writing time. You need to set aside time in your schedule specifically for your essay. You might only have a few hours on the weekend or an hour each day the week before the essay is due. Look at your calendar and find time to set aside to working on the assignment and the assignment only. During this time you need to go to your writing space. The writing space can be your kitchen table, a desk at your office, or a study room at the library. Whatever space works best for you and your essay writing is the space that you should frequent each time you decide to work on your essay. Stick to the schedule that you create and do not let yourself forget about it or just ignore the task at hand. Writing every day is what keeps the essay topic fresh in your mind and ensures your mind is actively engaged.

If you need some help picking a topic for your essay you can look over the list below. This list provides a handful of persuasive topic examples that you can use to find a topic suitable to your essay requirements:

  • Write an essay explaining whether or not doctors and nurses should give contraceptives to those who are younger than sixteen.
  • Explain whether you think state legislature should be presented that allows students between the ages of eighteen and twenty to drink upon completion of an alcohol education program.
  • Certain school authorities can remove books from classrooms and/or libraries if they consider them to be inappropriate. Explain how this power can be used and whether you support or oppose it.
  • Some legislation has been presented to do away with minimum wages in order to reduce unemployment levels for younger citizens. Write a paper about whether you support or oppose this.
  • There have been some movements that seek to boycott imports from other countries which use underage workers. Use examples of this and explain why you think these boycotts are good or bad.
  • Some instructors are given the right to ban the use of cell phones in their class by the school. Write a paper that explains why you are in favor or this or oppose it.
  • In certain cities toll zones have been created to ease traffic congestion. Explain why you agree or disagree with the mandatory imposition of fees for drivers in your area

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