Finding MLA and APA essay examples on the web

When you are expected to write an essay following MLA or APA format, you may have some questions on how to distinguish the two forms. You may also want to look at some examples to get an idea of what your paper should look like. This will prompt your next question: Where do I go to find essay examples for this formatting structure? The good news is there are various sources available on the web that offer quality examples. It is a matter of reviewing credible options and getting a few good leads.

Research Paper Databases

Research paper databases will have copies of previously written research papers from other scholars. There will also be similar content referred to as scholar journals. You can study this content and easily compare MLA and APA papers. Doing so allows you to see differences in content structure and organization. You may notice more differences related to the reference and/or bibliography pages. Each format may require you to list sources differently. This will help you understand what you are expected to do when you format your paper.

Example Essays via College and University Websites

As students first option you can check with your school website or with your instructor. Some schools offer tutorials through their websites that provide insight on how to write an essay with MLA or APA format. Your instructor may also provide leads on where to access examples. Such content may be more reader-friendly with side notes to show spacing, margins and other specific details. Others may find specific instruction on how to format their papers through their word processing program. Even if your school provides examples you can still research other schools for comparison.

Professional Academic Custom Writing Services

There are professional writers that can help students get their papers formatted. If you are interested in hiring a professional writer they may provide an example of what they can do for you. Some provide examples through their websites. Others may provide advice on how to achieve the formatting style on your own. Many of these services are affordable but most examples you find online are available for free. Some students consider working with a professional writer when their time is limited or they need help formatting their essay using a certain formatting style.

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