How to Write an Essay: A Perfect Guide for University Students

When writing an essay as a university student, the bar is set high and interesting original content is expected of students. The perfect guide for university students to write an essay is as follows:

Consider Type of Essay Completely

When given an essay to write, it is important to consider what type of essay assigned. The major types of essays include: narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive. Narrative essays tell a story or an experience of life. Descriptive essays tell what you would see with adjectives and illustrative language. Expository essays neutrally analyze a subject. Persuasive essays also analyze a subject, but not neutrally. Persuasive essays function to stimulate a specific stance on an issue to the reader, perhaps changing his or her opinion. Each essay will have extremely different topics.

Select Topic Carefully

Once you have determined the type of essay you are expected to complete, you are now ready to consider topics. When researching topics, you will want to select carefully. Consider the audience of readers, the course the paper is for, as well as how interested you are in the subject. All of these factors, when considered, will help you write an effective essay.

Perform Research Thoroughly

After settling on a topic you feel is appropriate for both your essay type and your audience, you will be ready to find primary and secondary sources. Consult academic databases and other scholarly resources for the most reliable information. Reputable quotes, data and other information will make for the strongest support in your essay. You will want to have information about your topic on a whole, with general background information—as well as research about your topic specifically. Your narrow topic should have plentiful research to create a riveting essay, and if this research is unavailable, perhaps the topic should be reconsidered.

Draft Paper Meticulously

After performing and organizing your research, we recommend an outline format organization. You will be ready to write the first draft of your paper. This first draft will be where you get your initial thought out on paper. You will write many drafts of your paper, editing and perfecting your content and syntax, so do not be afraid to write whatever comes to mind. You will only keep the best of what you wrote for each draft, and remove/edit the rest.

When writing an essay there are simple methods, which can be followed, each time to achieve success. By considering your essay type and topic, as well as thoroughly researching and editing, you will produce a strong finished product. If you can find a professor, advisor or peer to give you final feedback—you will be unbeatable.

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