How To Find A Well-Written Sample Of A Comparative Essay

This article helps you find good examples of comparative essays and helps you with your drafting preparations./p>

The comparative essay

Before responding to thesis proposals, the term needs to be understood. /p>

  • Explanation
  • The comparative essay requires you to compare more than one argument, theories or literary analyses./p>

  • Presentation
  • Objectives, proposals, and comparative responses are clearly outlined. They begin with short, coherent introductions which include the comparative angle. /p>

Where to find well-written examples

Examples should be error-free and structured in line with academic conventions. If you are unsure about this, consult your teacher, lecturer or librarian./p>

  • Internet
  • Refine your search to this article’s heading. Check links to ensure that templates and written examples are authentic and not merely copy and paste samples. Subject-related journals, peer reviews and college resources are the best places to start./p>

  • Academic and library resources
  • Your college should have a catalog under creative or literary writing with instructional guides on how to create and compose comparative essays. If you are new to academic writing, begin with the basics before moving on to comparative writing./p>

Effective research

Proper research gives you a head start. You need to read as widely as possible on your chosen topic to find relevant comparisons. Work with your prescribed texts and additional reading lists./p>

  • Using multiple sources
  • Your research methodology will lead you to comparative examples and a variety of theoretical explanations from text-based sources. Using different writing pads take notes and give these summaries clear headings. /p>

  • Close reading
  • Finding well written examples and dissertations comes from close reading and also allows you to stay on topic. Study the way in which academics and theorists present their findings. Through thorough note-taking as suggested above you are already crafting a comparative draft document./p>

Things to remember

Good comparative samples emanate from a body of research material. You can now respond with your own comparative analysis./p>

  • More than one draft
  • Gather at least four different comparative essay examples. Collate all your rough notes. While following given example structures you can begin a process of original writing. Continuously analyze templates for structure and prepare at least three following drafts. This allows you to condense all relevant material./p>

  • Editing and referencing
  • Check for grammar, spelling, and colloquial and subjective language use. Note sentence and paragraph lengths. Make sure that referencing is done in accordance with set academic guidelines. These will also be found in the examples of how to present a comparative dissertation./p>

Now that you have produced drafts based on comparing written examples and academic presentations, you will have discovered that the best practice for well-written examples emanates from a variety of source texts./p>

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