Essay Questions On Globalization: 10 Ideas For High School

As industrialization continues to spread to all parts of the world, questions on its sustainability have been raised and particularly with regard to its many positive effects. Countries that are industrialized have realized their Gross Domestic products in the most effect and fastest way possible. Well, when it comes to composing a literary piece on industrialization, a lot of things come to mind among which is globalization. The first and perhaps most significant factor one ought to have a good understanding of is globalization. Today, countries have increased their trading engagements with each other. Countries that export industrial goods have doubled their output and so are the nations that import.

To a student, a good definition of globalization would be a jump starter to creative and informative writing on the same, for a student must write. Simply defined, globalization is the unification or integration of world economies. It is a way of enhancing both bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and activities among countries. Globalization goes beyond a continent’s trading partners. For example, trading relation between Europe and Africa is very well a clear indicator is what globalization is. If as a student you have been assigned an essay on globalization, understanding of its definition would then open avenues for essay questions you can take a look into. Remarkably, many high school students have crafted phenomenal compositions on this based on amazing topics. In this post, we take you through essay questions on globalization which a high school student can comfortably write something about, so read further for more.

  • Define globalization from a perceptive of an exporter
  • Access the impacts of globalization in promotion of economic development in less developed countries
  • Is globalization sustainable in third world countries? Discuss this statement with examples
  • Discuss three different ways through which globalization of world economies take place
  • Discuss how technology has contributed to a fast paced globalization in the world
  • A look into the negative impacts of globalization
  • Globalization and knowledge sharing. Investigate how globalization has resulted into knowledge transfer between nations
  • Id global warm warming a creation of globalization? A look at dumping of radioactive substandard goods
  • What is your view of globalization and democratization in third world countries?
  • Globalization and intelligence sharing. A look into Interpol intelligence operations in curbing social crimes such as drug and child trafficking

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