How to write a critique essay: 7 steps to follow

Writing a critique essay: special skills needed

Though writing a critique essay may seem simple when you think about, you can come across a lot of surprises when starting the actual writing or receiving your grade. To avoid unexpected situations, you need to be prepared to what is expected from you. Here are the points you shall pay attention to to get your critical assignment done correctly:

  • Analyze multiple areas. Do not focus your attention on one aspects and completely let out all the others.
  • Remember to describe as many aspects of the subjects as possible.
  • Show both positive and negative sides. A critique essay is not designed to show your personal position regarding the object, but analyze it from the various sides, both good and bad.
  • Include controversies about the topic. If you are aware of the contrary thoughts to what you have found in the sources, research them as well ans include in your paper for a better picture.
  • Avoid words that are showing your personal opinion. “I think”, “from my point of view”, “to my mind” and others can get off some points from your grade.

Finding information and writing a critique essay: 7 steps.

  1. Determine the position of the writer. Make sure you understand the point the writer is trying to make and know how and where to use it in your paper.
  2. Make notes of main ideas in the source. Make a short summary of what you read for yourself, including the most important points.
  3. Study the unfamiliar material. Make sure there aren't any gaps in your knowledge about the subject. It can prevent you from analyzing it as fully as necessary.
  4. Determine how relevant and effective the statement of the writer is. You don't want old, untrue or irrelevant information included in your essay.
  5. Introduce the found material in your essay. Make sure different part and thoughts are connected. Combine the information according the aspects it takes a look at.
  6. Break the critique into logical parts. The information shall be divided into parts depending on which position it supports or which angle on the problem takes. Each idea shall form a separate paragraph.
  7. Conclude the gathered information. Revise all the information you have used in the essay and briefly restate the main points. Make sure to touch all of the mentioned statements and end your critique with recommendations for future research.

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