10 Tips That Explain How to Write an Essay


When you begin to write your essay make sure that you research the subject in depth. Use the internet but don’t limit yourself to just online sources. A good academic essay should include citations from academic books and texts which you will find in your college library. You need to have a number of different authoritative sources to demonstrate that you have read widely on the subject and have become an expert. You don’t need to read the whole book, develop the art of skimming and using the sources in that way. Learn to study in depth and use your knowledge to argue effectively.


Once you Have Mastered the Subject Begin to Write your Essay 

  • Brainstorm to find the most effective arguments.
  • Write your essay outline with short sentences to indicate the direction of the essay.
  • Decide your essay title, which is the most important way to attract readers.
  • Write the introduction, which must attract the reader’s attention, with a surprising fact or informative quotation.
  • End the introduction with your thesis statement, which states the main thrust of the essay in a short sentence.

The Body of the Essay is Where the Evidence to Support your Thesis is Presented 

  • Each paragraph should concentrate on one topic and begin with a topic sentence.
  • This will help orientate the reader and helps them follow the direction of the argument.
  • Each paragraph should be linked with a word or phrase to the one that follows it.
  • The first paragraph after the introduction should present the leading evidence supporting your thesis.
  • The next two paragraphs should cover the other two leading arguments supporting your thesis.
  • The final paragraph should consider the arguments against your thesis and dismiss them.

The conclusion should briefly recapitulate your thesis idea supported by an attention grabbing quotation or fact. Describe what needs to be done and end with a call to action. The conclusion should be short and sharp ending with an interesting point and convince the reader of the validity of your argument.


Make sure you state the citations you have used in the essay with the correct Modern Language Association format and make sure they are correctly entered into the index with the author’s name, page number, and publication date. Following these tips will allow you to write successful and well-presented essays.

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