Problems in Nursing

Nursing is a prestigious career that has rewarding prospects but it got equally challenging aspects. For instance, there lack universal legislation that addresses some of imperative issues of state, organizational, and even national level. Hence, problems surfaces due to existence of these issues. The key problem in nursing is staffing. As cost of healthcare services escalates, to cut cost the government tends to lower and decrease the number of staffs. However, insufficient staffing which leads to augmented job responsibilities to the remaining staffs cause stress and problems to the industry. In fact, this is a reality to those nurses facing a number of patient perspicacity.

In mitigation, most countries have resorted in adopting legislations that ensure a fixed ratio of patient to nurse. The other major problem in nursing profession is the aspect of inter-professional relations. Conflicting feeling and views, which makes nurses, feel disrespected by colleagues leading to serious problems. However, these conflicting relationships are not limited to nurse-to-nurse but also to their patients, administrators, coworkers, and associate physicians. Patient satisfaction is another issue reported in the nursing industry. Yet, nurses experiences the acute shortage of staffing but patients demand personalized services, which leads to problems. This arises from the fact that patients have unique needs, problems, and expectations.

Regrettably, meeting some of these expectations is difficulty. It becomes more intricate if healthcare conditions escalate into chronic situations and personnel diminishes. Job security that entails safety, working condition, and hazards is also an issue in the profession. Slippery floors and overflowing sharp equipments pose a great risk to the staffs. Likewise, lifting weighty patients poses a great physical challenge. Besides, dealing with sick individuals predisposes staffs with the grave danger of contracting illnesses. Moreover, some patients have different temperaments. Thus, these hazards include dealing with behavior of these patients and their relatives. There are cases of nurses reporting aggressive and dangerous behaviors from irate patients.

Nurses have reported cases of disrespect from administrators, patients, and physicians, which include physical and verbal abuse. Mandatory overtime causes great problems in the nursing industry. Overtime is mandatory to nurses. This emanates from the insufficient number of personnel but a high number of patients needing services. Working for long hours, leads to stress hence low job productivity. In sum, nursing is a great profession but with serious challenges. However, the main problem seems to emanate from inadequate legislation addressing different levels of nursing. Staffing is a universal problem that affects nursing globally. Cost of healthcare increases everyday hence, the government responds by decreasing nurse personnel. However, this creates more problems since the remaining staff grapples with enormous number of patients. Nurses deal with sick patients who predispose them to the risk of contracting illnesses. Nurses also risk attack from irate patients and their relatives who demand great services despite strained resources.

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