How To Find Resources With Free Essay Introduction Examples

Anecdotes. Quotes. Statistics. Startling statements. Open-ended questions. Alliteration. There are several options for writing essay introductions and just as many places to find free samples of them, too. Here are a few options you can turn to when you need to see samples of essay introductions:

  1. Essay writing blogs. Bloggers love to write about writing and there are more blogs about writing than you could ever imagine. Many bloggers offer suggestions to make writing easier for students and they will often include samples because they know that students perform better with them. If you benefit from using a blog, you should let the blogger know how helpful the site was.
  2. Online writing labs. These are often sponsored by colleges, universities, and school districts. These websites usually include everything that anyone would ever need to know about writing, grammar, and mechanics. Some will include video tutorials. Others will include ample amounts of samples to help students see what they should be writing.
  3. Free tutorials. Believe it or not, but there are actually websites that offer free tutorials and lessons for students. These tend to be sponsored by non-profit educational institutions that are not affiliated with any type of school. Despite the fact that they are not sponsored by schools, they include some of the best learning opportunities. You can usually find free samples as well as instructional videos explaining those samples.
  4. Essay writing websites. Most students go to these types of websites when they want to hire someone to write an essay for them, but many of the websites also have freebies for students to use, too. The blog sections often have instructional information and samples. Some of the best sites also have free samples of every type of essay imaginable so students can not only hire someone, but learn something, too.
  5. Teacher blogs. If your teacher does not have a website or blog, you can usually check out the websites and blogs of other teachers. Writing instructors have been known to create useful sites that include samples and links to other websites that have high quality samples, too.
  6. Literary magazines. Writers enjoy being published and their literary magazines can be useful tools for students who need to see good writing. If you find some pieces that you enjoyed reading, you should leave a positive review for the writer so others will take the time to read the piece, too.

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