Terrorism in Nigeria

The Nigerians are already used to the news of deaths and destruction caused by the terrorists. Boko Haram, the terrorist group responsible for the tragedy, has seemed to grow stronger by the day. Hundreds of people are killed every week. At one point, they were able to kill 2,000 people in one day. Still, they have managed to kidnap many innocent children and adults as well. It is recorded that at least 500 people have been abducted so far. Further, at least 1.5 million people have been displaced from their homes after the constant attacks and threats. Despite many the efforts of the Nigerian government to restore sanity in the country, little success has been achieved so far. Therefore, the international community must help Nigeria to deal with the terrorism issue amicably.

Terrorism Is a Global Problem

Certainly, the terrorism is a global problem. Every country in the world is worried about the activities various groups of terrorist. The U.S, for instance, has not been able to respond well to the ISIS group. The East African region has to deal with constant attacks by the terrorists from Somalia. As each country concentrates on dealing with the problem, the group has come up with newer ways of attacking. Thus, it is inevitable for the global community to come up with a better approach to dealing with the problem of terrorism in Nigeria and beyond.

Nigerians Have Enough Problems

Nigeria faces various internal challenges, making it hard for them to concentrate on the Boko Haram issue. Firstly, there are many claims of corruption in various sectors among the leadership. Therefore, there are fewer or no resources necessary to secure the nation. The wrangles on oil deals have also taken the leader’s time and energy. Secondly, the nation is divided on the basis of religion. At least 50% of the citizens are Muslims, while 40% are Christians. There are further conflicts and divisions amongst the wealthy Christians and the poor Muslims. In such a state, the terrorists have been able to spread their ideology and make claims that Christian and western ideologies are to blame for the poverty and misery of the Muslims.

Lastly, the approach used in the past by the government to deal with terrorism has left more questions than answers. The circumstances leading to the death of the Boko Haram leader were unclear. This has given the terrorists a basis to recruit more members and thus commit heinous crimes in the country. Therefore, the international community must intervene in dealing with the Nigerian terrorism issue because the government has no capacity or will to do so.

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