A List Of Exciting Persuasive Essay Topics For 6th Graders

Persuasive essay writing requires you to pick a point and provide your readers with enough good examples to maintain it. You need to remember that while composing this type of paper, you are not just listing the facts or reasons, but expressing an attitude. However, some topics might be a bit difficult to come up with good examples to sustain them. Although, there is a difference between the persuasive papers topics for high and middle school kids. Younger students are usually assigned with easy topics, which are not that hard to argue over. In case you are a 6th grader and haven’t been given a good theme for your paper, here is a list of exciting persuasive essay topics:

  • Your favorite store is going to be closed forever.
  • Explain why this store is your favorite and provide your reader with a sound reason against its closure.

  • The uniforms are not really necessary in schools.
  • Express your opinion concerning the uniforms and whether they should be canceled.

  • Fast-food restaurants are bad for your health and their services need to be severely restricted.
  • Think of how such cafes impact the society and especially the health of the population. Present relevant and strong examples to support your opinion on fast-food industry.

  • Can one invention be called the most outstanding?
  • Imagine how many things have been discovered throughout the history. Can you pick the most important one? Provide specific examples.

  • Should cell phone usage be allowed in middle school?
  • Express your opinion on this issue, based on your own experience. Think whether these devices are a big distraction and if they can be helpful during the school day at all.

  • Textbooks need to be replaced with computers.
  • Would the gadgets be more useful than the traditional paper materials?

  • Vending machines should be prohibited in schools.
  • Provide some strong examples of benefits and drawbacks of such apparatuses for the students.

  • Students should be allowed to eat during the lessons.
  • Do you think such a rule could be a good idea? Would it be a distraction? Give sound examples.

  • The religion lessons need to be excluded from the school programs.
  • Consider whether children need to be taught about religion in schools. Which one should be selected out of a big list of beliefs to avoid discrimination of the others?

  • Students should be paid some money on doing well on the final exams.
  • Do you think money would be good motivation to make school-children study well? Give relevant examples.

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