22 Excellent Ideas For A College Business Management Essay

Are you wondering to select a winning topic for your project on business management? Do you think it is tough to choose a unique topic because all the possible ones are already taken? Do you wish to impress your teachers with a strong title but not sure how to create one?

Well it is indeed a tough call to select a strong topic for your essay in business management. You will need a deep understanding of the subject so that you can find a potential niche and engage your audience with it. However, if you are having trouble choosing a title that best fits your interests, then you should look at the ideas below. These 22 suggestions will help you trigger fresh ideas and select a good one for your essay. Make sure to edit and alter your topic to avoid any plagiarism

Topics worth considering for an essay in business management

  1. What is the relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate financial performance
  2. Why do business leaders integrate CSR in their overall business strategies and how does it help
  3. What are the effects of consumer expectations on shareholders and stakeholders in a business
  4. How can a government control monopoly in any given industry. Consider a case study
  5. Analyze the health care reforms by Obama administration and give your views about it
  6. Should government privatize health and education sectors?
  7. What are the impacts of having a JIT approach for a cloth manufacturing company
  8. What is shared value and how can it help improve a company’s competitiveness
  9. The transit industry and how is government playing a vital role in it
  10. Is there a difference between management and leadership? How can you say so
  11. What to do if an organization wishes to achieve overall effective corporate strategies
  12. What is the Latern model and how is it applicable to organizational hierarchy
  13. How are the micro and macro views of leadership different from each other and why is it important to understand them
  14. Common language in a firm
  15. How important is social media marketing for businesses
  16. Coexistence of multiple leaders in a multi-national
  17. What does it mean to demographical and geographical target your products
  18. How does leadership help during recession and inflation
  19. Is leadership an innate quality or can it be developed with time
  20. What is the employee job satisfaction
  21. Employee loyalty vs. customer loyalty
  22. Societal and social marketing

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