How To Come Up With A Persuasive Essay Topic On Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is one of the most notable works of William Shakespeare. The story is widely assumed to have been written around 1599. Shakespeare draws upon the real life characters of Rome, most notable Caesar, Brutus and Marc Antony. The saga is, therefore, a dramatized version of real life events.

Shakespeare wrote three works based upon the Roman setting but Julius Caesar is the first of those works. In the play, he combines themes of personal conflict, war, betrayal and tragedy.

As one of the seminal works of English literature, Julius Caesar has remained a favorite of teachers and students alike as a subject of essays. If you have been handed an assignment for a persuasive essay on the play, you have come to the right place as we have great advice for you on how to come up with great essay topics.

Read the play

The best place to start when looking for an essay topic for a literary work is the literary work itself. After all, if you have not read the play itself, how will you know what to write? Make sure you listen very carefully when your teacher is going through the play in class. Ask plenty of questions if you do not understand some part of the play. Be involved in discussions about the various aspects including the behavior of the characters and why they made certain choices. This will give you a fair idea of what to write about. When you get home, read it again on your own. With hindsight and what has been taught in class, you will find that you will see the play in another light and will form plenty of new opinions about it.

Read Critiques

If, after having read the play yourself, you are still stuck with no topic, you can go on to read critiques of the play by other people. These include famous authors and critics so you can find some great points of view in their writings that you will not have thought of yourself.

Search Online

If all else fails, you can always search the internet for inspiration. Search terms like “Julius Caesar Persuasive Essay” will give you great results to choose from. As always, be careful which sites you trust as there is a lot of misinformation online. Good luck with writing your essay.

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