Some New Techniques on How to Write an Introduction for an Essay

The introduction of an essay is designed to give the purpose of the paper. An introduction will include the thesis statement and some background material on the subject. It will also contain a hook. A hook is a device that pulls the reader of the essay into the essay. The hook is where the writer will have the most opportunity to be creative in his or her essay.

The Hook and Stepping Out of the Box

Use the hook to your full creative advantage. Attract the reader to your paper so much that he or she cannot wait to read the rest of the paper. Here are some novel ideas for hooks:

  • A Quote
  • Use a quote that is applicable to the subject but not necessarily credited to someone in the subject field. At one time, English teachers frowned on this technique, but it not only accepted now, but it often used.

  • A Date
  • Mention other things that happened at the time of your subject, just do not stray from the subject so much the reader gets confused.

  • A Story
  • Stories are nice for trying to prove a point or to strengthen an argument in an essay. Just be frugal with the amount of words you use in a story, and ensure the story is not too long-winded.

  • Strong Statistics
  • Using statistics in the introduction can be creative and it can also be proof of support credibility for your research. If I, as a woman, am told in an essay introduction that one out of five women may suffer breast cancer, I will pay attention as I read that paper.

  • Ask a question
  • Ask a question that causes the audience to stop and think of the subject. This technique is quite often used by public speakers to pull the listeners into their topic.

  • Cause and Effect/Comparison and Contrast
  • Use an example of cause and effect or an example of comparison and contrast that has to do with your topic. These ploys are often very effective for setting up the remainder of the paper.

  • Emotional Appeal
  • You can appeal to your reader’s emotions in the introduction. Just do not get too carried away, the appeal will still need substantial data and support to be effective.

Select one of these techniques and include it in the introduction to display your creative talents and to pull in your readers!

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