How One Can Find a Proofread Example of an Essay

There are a number of sources you can explore when searching for a proofread example of an essay. Remember that a quality essay, one which has received positive comments and a high score, possibly even a distinction, will definitely have been well proofread. The sad thing about many students is that they can write well but fall down when it comes to proofreading.

Remember there are two aspects to proofreading. The first is the tools of the trade, which are the spelling, syntax and punctuation. The second is the flow of the language, the structure of the essay and whether or not it answers the question or sticks to the topic. Some people tell you there is a third aspect and that is if you are writing a lengthy essay such as a thesis, then you must be able to show evidence which proves the points you make throughout your writing.

But where can you find some proof read essay examples?

  • Your school or college library.
  • The website of a number of academics.
  • Websites of essay writing companies.

Do not neglect what is in some ways referred to as old-fashioned material such as hard copy books and essays housed in your college or school library. Most academic libraries will keep samples of essays and dissertations created by students at that college. They are free to be perused and studied by students at the college such as yourself. Take advantage of this free service.

You also find there are many academics who have set up their own personal website to communicate with their students and to show the work of students they have taught over the years. Here you can not only see proofread examples of essays but also read the comments which the teacher or professor has made about these essays. This is a wonderful resource for learning how to do the writing task really well.

Finally there are numerous web-based companies which provide a service of creating essays for money. Many of these companies will display samples of the work they have produced in the hope of convincing you to employ them to create an essay. Obviously in order to sell their services the company will only demonstrate and display top quality essay examples. The samples are free and are a great way for you to improve your writing skills.

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