Composing an Interesting English Essay: 7 Useful Tips


When thinking about writing your English essay, always keep in mind that your instructor’s requirements for the assignment are one of top priority. In following the outlined guidelines specified for your writing, you will be on the road to success in your work. An essay follows the format of a trilateral progression. What is meant by this is that there are three parts needed in the body content to constitute it as an essay. The three ingredients needed are: an introduction, body and conclusion. More specifically, the introductory paragraph should include the main idea of the essay in the form of a thesis statement. The thesis is then outlined by supporting details, which has the effect of giving emphasis to what is being stated. The body is made up of paragraphs, each distinguishing the supporting details stated in the introduction. The conclusion reinstates the thesis statement and briefly goes over the supporting details, then tries to create an explanation, by grasping what the main idea of the essay states.

Seven Ideas for an Essay

When trying to gain someone else’s interest it is important to be picky in how we write. Attention seekers usually go for something possibly not frequently seen, or espouse a new idea based on a theory. As a writer, you have to be vigilant in creating and setting standards of that will be tied to you, your style, or compared to those who have come before – the predecessors. Predicated on this notion, some of the ways you can go about doing so involves the application of imagination. Innovating what you may think of, and therefore, only consider as mere thoughts are the basis of which civilization has grown into today. You could base your essay on a character’s demeanor, how the setting of the text influences, or does not influence the storyline, symbolism, allegories, analogies, what lessons are there to be learned from the text, and how accurate you think the author depicted certain aspects of the text is. There are many other ways you can come up with for writing an interesting English essay. The point is to “think outside the box.”

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