How to Recognize a Good Topic for a Persuasive Essay

The Art of Persuasion

Persuasion, or the ability to successfully prevail upon the inducement of another’s urge in undertaking the embrace of a course of action, as by looking through a different point of view, is much of an art form, than it is a stance. By this, one would have to carefully consider their calculations in achieving the cause of belief and to convince another by means of argument through reasoning. Embarking on the solicitation of another’s joint efforts is done on an almost daily basis, of one were to critically think about the day to day actions, of which many, even those in higher levels of power, must possess when trying to get a message across.

From the media outlets, to the business negotiations, to the debate clubs, and the family gathering for supper at the kitchen table, discussions of persuasions are of a frequent manner ranging in topics from trivial to the most threating in nature. Just how does one become able to recognize a theme feasible for writing an essay composition?

The Topic Chosen is Your Decision

In an effort to choose a topic for a persuasive essay, one must first recognize, that, although one would like to pick a topic for discussion in their essay that might rouse the sensibilities of those who read it, a thorough and well researched topic will surely provide for a “good enough” topic. With that being said, it is also important to try and keep an open mind when approaching your availability of topic range. Many times, it has come to the attention of students who did not think to plan ahead and have more than one topic on hand for writing, as a means of alternative, and this has shown to their great embarrassment and disdain, as, another student, or group of students would also have chosen the same or similar topic.

Topic ideas are as limitless as one’s imagination. Therefore, a topic could be as somber and serious as the hazards of using drugs, such as alcohol, cigarettes, heroin, cocaine, etc. or as considerate as the joys of volunteering one’s free time at a local soup kitchen, giving to the homeless, recycling, donating to charitable organizations, helping one’s community, etc. The main point of a persuasive essay is to become engaged in the discussion of the topic.

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