A List of 10 Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

If you are looking for interesting persuasive essay topic ideas, study the following list. Some of these suggestions should be able to inspire you.

  1. Children should be assigned less homework.

    There has been a lot of research on this subject, conducted by psychologists and sociologists in recent years. This will provide you with plenty of facts and statistics to use in support of your arguments. Be sure to mention how the standards of education have changed over the years.

  2. Recycling should be made mandatory.

    This paper can be focused on the numerous environmental problems caused by pollution. You can also reassign this issue as a supporting role while bringing the socio-economic effects of resource depletion to the forefront.

  3. Bullies should be expelled from schools.

    Study the effects of bullying on a personal level, and explain how the changes caused by this form of violence affect society as a whole. Touch up on the reasons behind bullying and the cycle of violence born from this behavior.

  4. Smokers should pay an additional health tax.

    Explain the effects of smoking on the eco-system and the health of non-smokers. Your opponents will use the fact that cigarette production is a major industry that provides millions of people with employment. Think of how you can counter them and offer alternatives.

  5. Every pregnant couple should take a mandatory parenting class.

    Assess the damage that affect some children’s psyches because their parents are ill-equipped to take proper care of them. Offer your own solutions to this problem, and think of what people should exactly be taught in this parenting class.

  6. Cheerleader costumes must be changed, as they are too skimpy.

    You can focus this paper on the social effects that promoting this type of wear has, or take a feminist’s position and explain how this forms an attitude that encourages seeing women as sexual objects.

  7. Medical testing on animals must be banned.

    Address the moral issues associated with this problem. You can also focus on the biological side of it, and explain how animals and humans have different reactions to chemicals.

  8. Every car should be equipped with a breathalyzer by default.

    Assess the damage that the country suffers due to the number of alcohol-related road accidents. Can this step help reduce this number?

  9. The poor should be provided free food.

    Try to determine what kind of affect this will have on the economy. Offer alternative solutions of alleviating the poverty problem.

  10. Freedom of religion should have limitations.

    Name some of the religions that require their followers to commit various immoral acts, and the effects they have on society.

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