Directions on how to avoid unnecessary mistakes while looking for an essay example

When you are writing an important academic essay, it’s a lifesaver to have a good example to follow. The example can show you many things including:

  • The format and style you’re expected to follow
  • How the paragraphs transition from one to another
  • How to write a good quality introduction that catches the attention of the reader
  • How to form a compelling summary or conclusion
  • How an academic essay should sound
  • Whether the topic is riveting or boring and how to bring more life to it
  • What a successful essay looks like

It’s always easier to do something difficult – like write a great academic essay – when you have an exemplary specimen right in front of you that you can use as a pattern. You will learn lots from a great essay, but how do you avoid the mistake of getting a bad example essay?

Mistakes to avoid when looking for your essay example:

  • Avoid cheap or free websites that offer essay examples. Something of high quality isn’t usually free.
  • Don’t get sucked in by agencies that offer you free essay examples that are written by writers who aren’t native English speaking. They won’t be of any value and aren’t what you’re looking for in a quality essay example.
  • Don’t act desperately in your attempts to find a good example. Use some confidence and realize that good examples are available. They are usually from trustworthy sources.

Finding a good essay example means only looking at authentic sites. These include writing agencies that have good ratings, university and college websites, and custom writing sites. Sometimes your academic instructor or advisor may post some essay examples for students to peruse. These are usually essays that students have written in previous years and have given permission for their essays to be used as examples.

These are good to use when you have the opportunity because you know they have received good grades from your instructor. However, beware because many dozens of other students have also used these essays as examples, so don’t follow the same format too closely. You don’t want your essay to look like a clone of someone else’s.

If in doubt, you can even ask your instructor where you could find an example of a good essay, one they would approve of and see if they can give you any leads.

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