Creating A Great Argumentative Essay On Child Abuse

When writing on a difficult or controversial essay subject like child abuse, it may be hard to formulate ones thoughts and ideas in a such a way that one’s argument remains strictly academic and doesn’t veer into a personal tirade (unless a personal opinion is the point of an assignment). Here are some things you should know about creating a great argumentative essay on child abuse and getting the top grade:

  • Brainstorm Ideas and Question
  • The first step in creating a great paper is brainstorming several potential topics to base your work on. It might help to consider a few questions you would like to have answered. This will pique your interest and help you stay focused through the entire writing process.

  • Research Both Sides of the Argument
  • When you start your research you may feel the urge to focus on just the evidence that will support your argument. Don’t do this! Research both sides; collect evidence that would disprove your own. Your paper will be stronger if you acknowledge the opposing side and show how those points don’t add up or are ineffective towards disproving your argument.

  • Create an Outline and Draft a Thesis
  • In order to keep your paper on track it’s a good idea to create an outline as well as draft a thesis to guide your argument. You don’t have to make your outline very detailed but it should contain all of your major topic points as well as whatever evidence you have relating to that topic.

  • Write Your First Draft
  • Write your first draft as quickly as possible, without stopping to make corrections to minor errors. The point of your first draft is to get down as much information as possible so that you can revise and reorganize into an effective argumentative essay. When you’re done with your first draft set it aside for a few hours so you can come back and revise with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Revise Your Content
  • This stage of the writing phase is where you can start to make corrections. Primarily though you should use this stage to remove, rearrange or add content to your work which would improve its effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to cut out large pieces of writing that are redundant or don’t add value to your argument. Your paper will be better without them.

  • Edit and Proofread
  • Lastly, you want to edit your essay to ensure that it’s an easy read. This means writing in plain and simple English. Don’t use complex sentences that could trip up your reader; and make sure to replace long words with shorter words to express your point more precisely.

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