How To Find A Top-Quality Example Of A Response Essay

Start by refreshing your memory about what a response essay involves – it needs you to give your response or evaluation of your opinion of an article or piece of work. It should be persuasive so you will need to quote examples that support your attitude.

Other things to look for

  • A summary, in which the main ideas have been condensed in the order that the author presented them; your thesis and supporting ideas and it should be no linger than on third of the final essay.
  • The response. Agreement or Disagreement or both. Whichever format that the essay takes there needs to be one paragraph to one point or response.
  • There needs to be a clear conclusion that wraps up all of issues that have been discussed in the main part of the writing.

How to look for a Response essay.

  • You could start by asking your tutor for some examples. If there are no grades or annotation on the papers then you should ask for some that display grades and some annotation as well. This is so you can get an idea of work that is deemed as average, poor or outstanding.
  • The library at your school or college is also a good place for finding examples.
  • Look online. There are several websites that you can access but you need to do some further detective work. Look for academic websites that specialise in writing support.

The detective work

  • Does the website work with ‘response essays’?
  • Determine whether other people who have used the website have had good things to say about the site if there are no recommendations then move on with the next site.
  • Free samples? Are the examples free or do you have to pay for them. Some sites say they are free but then proceed to ask you for your bank or card details. They may just ask you to sign up to the site without asking for those details.
  • Do the examples illustrate different levels of ability? Are you also be see an annotated example so you can learn for yourself how to determine what is a good piece of work and what work may need some alterations to get a good grade.
  • Is the work guaranteed? Are their writers qualified?

If all of these requirements are met, you may find that you have access to some really good response essay example essays.

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