10 Great Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

A narrative is a particularly compelling piece of creative writing that you will be asked to complete some time during the course of your academic career. It provides you with a with an opportunity to narrate for the reader. Your goal in writing the narrative essay is to tell a story. You can write a story that is personal and express yourself and your experiences through a more creative and potentially moving fashion or you can write an essay that is anecdotal.

There are a few guidelines that you should adhere to when you are writing your narrative.

First you need to pick a great topic. Below are ten suggestion topics that you may consider:

  1. Narrate for the reader a traumatic experience you had
  2. Narrate for the reader a time you fell in love
  3. Narrate for the reader a personal epiphany you experienced
  4. Narrate for the reader a moment when you were betrayed
  5. Narrate for the reader a time you were lost
  6. Narrate for the reader an experience you had in another country
  7. Narrate for the reader your first day at a new school
  8. Narrate for the reader a time you were embarrassed
  9. Narrate for the reader a hard life lesson you had to learn
  10. Narrate for the reader a time you were heroic

If you write your narrative essay in the form of a story then you need to make sure you include all of the traditional elements of a story. You need to have an introduction. You must have a plot. You need to include characters. You must have a setting. Your plot needs a climax and a conclusion.

If you are writing your narrative in the form of a book report then a narrative of a story may not be the best option. You would instead want to focus on giving the reader an informative narrative. Make sure that the essay you write has a purpose. You want to have a point to the essay which also acts as your thesis. In case you can't choose it by your own, get help from book report writing service and free up time for more important affairs. Don't stress yourself, but remember: if you don’t have a point then you should not be narrating.

Your essay requires a clear point of view. Because of the style narratives are often written from the viewpoint of the author which would be you. But that does not have to be the case. You can be creative so long as you pick a point of view and stick to it.

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