Do you understand the world around you as things happen? Most people may answer this question with a simple yes. But, there are specialists that study this aspect of sociology to get a better idea of how people respond to things that occur in their lives. Usually, a person may do something because another person inspired the motive. But, this aspect reviews beliefs related to people being able to do actions without interaction of another. In other words, are people really the same inside and out? It may depend on what you think is normal. People commonly do what they think is expected of them. Ethnomethodology takes a number of elements such as daily experiences and analyzes a person’s way of how they understand what occurs. In social-related topics you may not think too often about something since you have a good understanding about it. But, there are social orders that are studied to give more insight on how people view the world around them. Something simple such as a conversation you have with another person may have more meaning behind it than you think. In this case, researchers may have different theories in mind to provide more understanding of why social order is significant. There are different situations that occur daily that have been studied. Many fit into different theories that continue to be challenged. Situation such as visiting a friend’s home, cheating on a game, or haggling products, all have different forms of behavior associated with them even though they have some similarities. Such situations and many others are often taken for granted. This is where you would denote a breach or break in common procedure. For instance, a person can have intentions to buy a product, but another person may consider stealing it.

For researchers, they analyze different social situations and look at the defining moment when the break or breach has occurred in the element of social society. These elements are explored especially when a person intentionally breaks social protocol. Such elements of ethnomethodology have helped improve the way people view social order. It has also helped relations between humans and computers. In this sense, people are able to use technology to further access how people communicate and provide insight on effective disciplinary measures. Overall, this element studies and looks at what people do or what methods are used to retain what they define as social order.

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