Experts Share Their Secrets on How to Write an Academic Paper

Expert advice is always the best source of help when learning a new skill. Doctors complete their residency to learn from other doctors, artists complete apprenticeships to perfect their craft—and writers can do the same. Writers can learn the best secrets of the trade from other seasoned writers. We consulted some experts, and we came up with a list of “don’ts” which can be found below. These don’ts are the secrets on how to successfully write an academic paper:

Don’t pick something boring.

No one wants to read a boring paper. No one wants to write a boring paper. This can be avoided by not picking a boring topic. Select a fresh and original topic, which you feel passionately about. Interest in the material you are researching translates to more interesting writing. If the material bores you yourself, everyone else will surely be bored too.

Don’t procrastinate.

After you have picked something you feel will hold your interest, and your readers’ interests too, get to work. Set an agenda for yourself, and do no procrastinate. Procrastination leads to rushed last minute work. Rushed last minute work will not be well planned or thought out, and will consequently be less successful.

Don’t force yourself to write.

By planning plenty of time for writing and avoiding procrastination, you will allow yourself the luxury of writing slowly. Sometimes after writing for a long time, you will hit a wall of writers block. If you find yourself running out of ideas, take a break from your writing. Do not force yourself to write. Usually after taking a break from your work, you will return to your duties rejuvenated.

Don’t hesitate.

When you have an idea, do not hesitate to write it. There is a happy balance between not forcing yourself to write and no hesitating to write. Sometimes you have to sit down and just write whatever comes to mind. If its not good that is ok, at least you have got some ideas flowing. If the ideas are flowing, do not hesitate—just write.

Don’t be overconfident.

Lastly, do not be overconfident. You will need to write multiple drafts of your paper. The first draft will not be perfect. Be humble in your essay writing process and seek outside feedback from sources like peers and/or professors.

Take these five writing don’ts into consideration when writing your next academic paper. These are tips from the experts, pros, and professionals. They know how to get a job done, and can help you to better complete your own job with these give simple expert tips!

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