Relationship Between Effective Communication And Project Management

Communication is an effective tool in project management. Project managers use communication channels to pass information to team members. Communication networks assist project managers relate with various project stakeholders. Projects have a lifecycle that define the communication network. This lifecycle begins at the planning phase, followed by the designing phase, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and eventually the conclusion of projects. An effective communication system for projects ensures that projects utilize their resources effectively. Projects are constrained by time, budget, and scope.

Effective communication systems in an organization concentrate on communication planning. Another important feature for the communication network includes information distribution and reporting of performance. Additionally, effective communication systems in projects assist in the administration closure. In relation to performance, reporting project inputs include project records, plans, and work results. Tools at this stage include variance analysis, trend analysis and others depending on the projects' variables. These tools and procedures assist in informing employees and other stakeholders on the progress of the project. The other feature includes administrative closure.

Administrative disclosure's input includes projects records and performance measurements. Project managers use administrative disclosure to pass information to stakeholders through their formal acceptance means and lesson-learnt disclosures. At the planning phase of the organization, communication plans are of interest to project managers. The most important aspects to consider at this phase are the communication requirements of the project. Other aspects of importance are the communication technology and the assumption to the project. Stakeholders have an interest in projects having effective systems. Stakeholders' interests, as well as other project derivatives, have a challenge to managers.

The challenges project managers face in relation to maintaining an effective communication progress in an organization has various influences. An effective communication is effective in maintaining positive relationship with stakeholders. Projects have diverse groups of stakeholders; therefore, effective communication network ensures timely flow of information. Stakeholders need update of information in almost every step. The other challenges that influence the action of project managers include employees. Effective communication ensures proper operation of projects teams. Effective communication motivates employees and passes instructions.

Effective communication systems in projects assist project managers manage projects’ resources. Communication channels assist project teams accomplish tasks effectively. Communication channels ensure that projects meet stakeholders' needs. On the other hand, effective communication networks can meet new market needs. Project managers need to have an effective communication system to meet organizational needs, stakeholders as well as the global trends.

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