23 Winning Argumentative Essay Topics to Choose From

Sometimes choosing the topic for an assignment is worse than the assignment itself, when you’re struggling for a topic, consider these 23 winners to choose from.

  1. Argue whether cheating in the classroom is improving or getting worse.
  2. Present a case for students to be able to grade the performance of their instructors in the classroom.
  3. Discuss whether the grading system is unfairly biased towards high grades and whether good grades have lost their meaning.
  4. Present an argument for instituting a drug testing policy in grades of all levels
  5. Should the importance of standardized testing be increased or decreased and does it really indicate success in education.
  6. Should students be paid to attend school and receive bonuses for good grades?
  7. Argue whether students spend too much time in school and should this time be shortened?
  8. Is too much of the education time in the classroom being spent getting students ready for standardized testing?
  9. Are students receiving a well-rounded education or should more focus be placed on athletics and the arts?
  10. Who should be able to access student records of their performance in the classroom?
  11. How old should students be before they can return to the High School classroom?
  12. What types of punishment should be utilized in the school environment?
  13. Should students be able to skip the senior year of High School and still graduate if they choose to begin college?
  14. Is the educational system truly preparing students to be successful in college or are they focusing on the wrong subjects?
  15. Should corporal punishment be reintroduced into the schooling environment?
  16. Should preschool be mandatory for all student?
  17. Should kindergarten classes run the same length for young students as for older students?
  18. Is the tradition of prom a benefit or unneeded distraction for High School students?
  19. Is there any relation to student performance and the size of the classroom?
  20. Present a case for students to be divided by their performance and grades.
  21. What should schools do to prevent bullying and protect the victims of bullying?
  22. Do parents need to be involved in the educational process?
  23. Does parental involvement stay the same for all students?

This list of 23 topics will give you the prompters you need to write a successful argumentative essay for your school assignment.

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