A few polishing tips that will make your personal essay stand out

The personal essay is extremely important. It is the first step in you making an impression with your future and potential academic institution. It is you revealing your good points, and possibly mentioning some of your lesser talents, so as to impress those who are looking for interesting and capable students.

We can talk at length about the importance of choosing the right material for your personal essay. We can mention that it is vitally important that you know as much as possible about the institution to which you aspire so that you tailor your personal essay accordingly. But having achieved the finished product, it is essential that you spend time polishing your personal essay. Please remember to never send out your personal essay until you have spent time reviewing its contents.

Here are some tips in getting the best out of your polishing

  • refer your essay to others
  • look for weaknesses such as jokes and boasting
  • obviously look for spelling and grammatical errors
  • look for citation of references or recommendations

Trying to do the polishing and proofreading of your personal essay by yourself is never recommended. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. You have agonized over the content of your personal essay and have become very close to it. Mistakes or places where it can be improved may not be seen by you. Find others to look over your work and make suggestions where you can polish it further. They could be family members or friends, fellow students or even a teacher at your current educational institution.

You may think it is okay to add humour to your personal essay but a general rule is that it should seldom if ever appear. Double check your personal essay to see that there is no hint of you trying to be funny. And the same goes for boasting. By all means list your achievements but make sure in your polishing process that you have not been blowing your own trumpet.

It goes without saying that spelling and grammar must be spot on. Root out any errors. And if you are going to use recommendations from people of importance, be absolutely certain that you have listed their name and title making it clear to the reader of your personal essay that your references are genuine and easy to trace.

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