Creating Your First Descriptive Essay: The Essential Writing Tips

Are you creating your very first descriptive essay? If so, you’ll probably need some essential writing tips to help you on your way. Well, luckily you’re in the right place. Here are some great tips just for you!

What is this paper?

As you may expect, a descriptive essay requires you to describe something (a place, person, object etc.) If your writing can convey sensory observations that make your reader feel as though they are really there, it will be a job well done. You should try to detail the subject by describing its smell, color, feel etc. and the more you can do this with vivid, highly descriptive words, the better your essay will be.

Creating a list.

You should think about your subject before you begin writing. Let’s say that you’ve chosen Machu Picchu in Peru as your topic. You should make a list of all the details you want to cover. This could include things like- its history, its Inca makers, its hidden position in high altitude, its tourist trade etc.

Break it down.

You should then break those points of interest down into descriptive parts. Can you make your reader feel like a tired, sweating Inca carrying heavy stones to the top of a hill in the blazing sunshine and thin air? Can you describe the bustle of the tourists in white sun hats scurrying around the ancient site and clicking their cameras at every masterful example of ancient architecture?

More tips.

A great tip to remember is: Show. Don’t tell. So, I opted for: ‘Can you feel like a tired, sweating Inca carrying heavy stones…’ to show, instead of telling: ‘The Incas carried stones up hills.’

Creating a first draft.

Once you have selected your topic, made all the necessary notes and worked out what you want to include and where you want to place it, it’s time to write your first draft.

Always revise.

After this, it’s essential that you read through it and revise it as much as is necessary. Pay attention to: do sentences flow? Could a better synonym have been used? Have you described things in enough detail? The more you scrutinize every word and sentence, the more polished your essay will be.

Don’t forget to edit.

Once you’re happy with your revisions, it’s essential that you proof and edit. You don’t want to be marked down for overlooking simple spelling and grammatical mistakes, so be sure that it’s all right.

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