Original Problem Solution Essay Topics for College

A problem solution essay is a task students are commonly required to complete. The idea is to learn how well you would solve a problem that occurred unexpectedly based on what you know. Your knowledge and wit is what you will rely on to get the problem solved the best way possible. At the same time you need to understand basic logic and reasoning. You would want to feel as if what you come up with is something realistic that others can understand; they may feel they would do the same if faced with a similar situation.

Tips to Help You Create Original Essay Topic Ideas

An original problem solution essay is based on something you know. You may have experienced a problem like this in the past and you knew how to handle it when it occurred. Well, now you need to define a problem and solution that is realistic. You would need to write your content as if the problem recently occurred and you had to solve it based on your skills and expertise presently. The problem may be something unusual and your essay will be assessed based on your analytical approach to the topic.

When selecting a problem it doesn’t have to be serious, it can be something humorous if it will help you write your solution properly. Your topic idea would have an element of spontaneous reflection that can show readers what you know without getting too technical about it. You do not have to be a genius in showing how to solve the problem, but you want to show you have the ability to find the solution in an acceptable time frame without screwing things up.

Examples of Original Problem Solution Essay Topics

To help you understand what topic ideas you can come up with for your paper, you can review a few samples to help inspire ideas of your own.

  • How can you make an audience laugh? What can you do to be funny to cheer someone up?
  • Lots of people like to play the lottery but how come only so few win?
  • If you were your own boss what would you do for the day?
  • What holidays are celebrated in other countries that are humorous?
  • Why should lawyers work to defend someone who was guilty of what they are being accused of?

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