List Of Great Humorous Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

One of the most common types of essays that you can be asked to write today is a compare and contrast essay. This is normally one of the easiest, considering that all that you have to do is to shed some light on the features of two different subjects and get to compare and contrast them altogether. There is a lot that you need to emphasize when you are working on such a paper, and for this reason, it is important for you to ensure that you can go on to do some research, really good research so you are able to deliver the best paper so far.

Herein are some unique topics, humorous to say the least. First you need to ensure that you do some good research into these titles so that by the time you are sitting down to work on them, you are able to deliver a good and reasonably concise paper.

  • Discuss the better between going on vacation and staying at work
  • In the battle for supremacy, who among Einstein and Newton was the most retarded of brilliant people who ever lived?
  • Discuss why ladies prefer between popsicles and lollipop
  • Imagine you had the ability, which one of a vampire or a werewolf would you become?
  • As a basketball fan, compare and contrast Bryant and Jordan
  • Explain from your point of view, the difference between birds and winged dinosaurs
  • Explain to a two year old the difference between a toad and a frog
  • Imagine you are speaking to your grandparents, and show them the difference between Facebook and Twitter
  • With valid reasons, explain which one you would prefer between The Voice and American Idol

As you can see from these topics, this kind of paper basically requires you to take two subjects and discuss them carefully, shedding more light on their strengths and weaknesses as a means to enumerate their similarities and differences and in the long run, hand in a very good paper.

The paper might be about drawing comparisons, but you must realize that you have to incorporate some sense of description in the paper so that you are in a good position to deliver one of the finest tasks ever.

That being said, you must also focus on some really good research so that you have a higher chance of delivering a well-researched paper.

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