Crafting A Conclusion For An Opinion Essay Without Effort

This article helps you to craft flawlessly your conclusion for an opinion essay. It begins by clarifying what an opinion essay entails and briefly explores the meaning of giving an ‘opinion.' The guide then goes on to describing the foundations that lead to a properly constructed conclusion.

Giving an opinion

Finally, the article is rounded off with an explanation of how the conclusion should be crafted. When people are asked to give their opinion on something they generally rely on personal subjective thoughts. However, during the process of composing an academic paper, opinions are stated objectively, and these are substantiated by paraphrasing researched material that is also listed in a bibliography at the end of the paper.

What is included in this paper

Researched material, summations and proposals, already mentioned above and forming part of a well-rounded analysis, are all included. While adhering to academic conventions by focusing on objectivity, some limited leeway is allowed in order to assert an opinion.


The building blocks towards creating a good conclusion without much effort begin when the thesis proposal or instructions have been given. From thereon, close reading and extensive research must be done after putting together a functional project plan. During these stages, extensive note-taking should be done. After the scholar has worked his way through his research inventory, he will then begin with the drafting of his paper.

Undergraduates, in particular, sometimes make the mistake of ignoring the importance of the essay’s introduction and conclusion. Here, we reiterate its importance. As a beginning guide, leave the composition of the introduction and conclusion until the end of all writing work.

The conclusion

The conclusion briefly summarizes what took place before. Because of its context, the student’s opinion is fore-grounded and rounded off in this conclusion. The writer also explains briefly how he reached his findings that led to his opinionated statement. To keep the entire paper coherent, properly linked and on topic, beginning writers can practice the drafting of their conclusion along with that of the introduction. Always remember, in accordance with academic and non-fiction writing conventions, the conclusion is substantially shorter than the introduction.

In conclusion, this short article has shown you how easy it can be to create your own opinion-analysis conclusion by mentioning some conventions and processes used. Creating a persuasive conclusion will satisfy you and your readers to think critically about your opinion.

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