What Should One Know About Academic Essay Editing

Academic essay editing is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes when you are reading through one of your documents, you tend to overlook little mistakes because you know what you meant to say. This can create a problem when you don’t have someone else proofread your work In order to determine whether or not the person that you have editing your paper will do any better in finding your mistakes, you should check to see what they know about academic essay editing.

There are several aspects of academic essay writing that you should take into account when editing your paper. Below is some of the common mistakes that are made.

Grammar mistakes- The most common mistake that you will find in an academic essay is grammar mistakes. Most word processors will have an option to scan for common mistakes and can help in assisting you with finding grammatical errors. This is a helpful tool but it certainly will not catch every mistake.

Punctuation and Spelling- The next most common mistake is in punctuation and spelling. This is another thing that you should look for in your paper. There is a spell check available with most word processing programs. Be sure not to just click through the suggestions choosing whatever the checker states is wrong. A lot of the time the checker finds worlds that you don’t want to change like names of people.

Sentence flow and structure- A third area to look at is the paper’s flow. Do the sentences make sense and if so do they fit together nicely? Does the paper sound choppy because the structure of the sentences are all the same? These are questions that you should ask yourself when editing a paper. Does the paper show any transition sentences to help the reader understand what they are talking about?

Formatting- Is the paper formatted correctly. Does it contain an introduction and conclusion along with paragraphs that support the thesis? Does the paper flow from one idea to the next? Is there information that should be left out or that don’t support the thesis? You want to make sure that the evidence is clearly described.

These are all common mistakes that writers make when they are writing. When the work is edited, these mistakes can get caught and fixed before. Just think, it could be worse.

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