5 Basic Components Of A Good Video Game Evaluation Essay

Before you can learn how to write a good video game evaluation essay, you must learn the basics of what an evaluation paper it. More or less like it sounds, it is a paper that takes a topic and evaluates it. While this will inherently contain some of your opinion, it is important that you try to make it as objective or measured an evaluation as possible.

Use these 5 basic components of a video game evaluation paper to learn to write a great one:

  1. Choose a topic or subject
  2. First you will need to choose the video game that you want to evaluate. Your assignment may give some restrictions on this, but chances are that you will have a wide open range to choose from. Be sure to pick one that you are interested in and that you already have some experience with or opinions about.

  3. Choose a criteria for evaluating it
  4. It isn’t enough to just say that it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. You will need to pick a more specific criteria for evaluating it. For instance, if you were going to focus on the visuals and art of it you might evaluate it based on the quality or resolution of the images or how original the art is. Try to be as specific as possible with this and to use as many criteria that you can measure or assign a value to.

  5. Decide which parts of it to evaluate
  6. Depending on the length of your paper you may be able to evaluate the whole game, or you may need to choose a certain part of it to evaluate. Either is fine, you just want to make sure that whichever you choose you are able to do thoroughly.

  7. Include a justification for your decisions
  8. You should always choose a justification for your decisions—if you are choosing one thing over another or saying that one thing is better than the other then you always need to give a detailed justification of why you are choosing that. That way, your reader will be able to understand your whole evaluation.

  9. Include a rebuttal
  10. When you make these judgment calls in your paper you will probably need to include a rebuttal. This is when you address the other side of the argument and explain why the way you chose was better.

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